Field Notes

The Power of Community

The farming sector in the state of Maharashtra was badly affected by numerous factors including unseasonal rainfalls, hailstorm, and pest infestations. An estimated 2,414 farmers had taken their lives in the state between Jan. 1 and Oct 31, 2017.

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Farmwave: Five Years and 4 Months Into the Future of Agriculture

Farmwave began for me as a bit of an accident. I was an early adopter of Google Glass and had begun exploring the world of agriculture with my friend Bruce Rasa. For several months, Bruce and I were known as the “two dudes with Glass” who traveled to various conferences showing off this futuristic heads-up-display to farmers, researchers, and executives alike.

Me using Google Glass with an early build of intelliSCOUT in the field

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Making Waves in the Middle East

Our recent trip to the Middle East was a pivotal moment for us at Farmwave. We were honored to visit with Dr. Mahdi Al-Alaq, Iraq’s Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers, officials from the Ministry of Agriculture, and representatives from the various offices which work with organizations looking to do business in Iraq. In addition, we were glad to forge new partnerships and strengthen existing ones with our partners in Amman, Jordan. The panel from the Council of Ministers we met with consisted of a professor from the university agriculture extension who opened up their resources to Farmwave in everything from training, transportation, and communication to help our team reach growers all over Iraq.

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