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Getting Your Money Back

ROI on Harvest Vision

Businesses have to spend money to make money… but when does the “spend money” switch to the “make money”? Here at Farmwave, we’ve created a tool to help you determine that. Our value calculator tool is simple to use:

  1. Visit and scroll until you see “Farmwave Value Calculator”

  2. Enter the number acres you farm of corn and/or soybeans

  3. Estimate a loss amount for each crop. The suggested ranges are based on loss amounts we have seen in the field captured by the Harvest Vision system.

  4. Input an appropriate crop price

  5. Instantly see the value of Farmwave to your operation!

The prices of the Harvest Vision system are outlined in our shop and you can refer to these when using the Farmwave Value Calculator to determine the payoff point for your farm. These figures are of course reliant on the operator making changes to mitigate the losses, field conditions, equipment, etc.

*if you only farm one of these crops, you may enter “0” for the crop you do not farm

screenshot of Farmwave Value Calculator
For more information on autonomous harvest loss monitoring, reach out to us at, or call/text 706-909-8060.